BREAKING: Shock Border Wall News – Dems Are Furious

Shocking border wall news is making its way across the country. Democrats are furious, but they only have themselves to blame. President Trump has won again.

Two illegal immigrants were caught trying to scale a section of Trump’s newly-constructed border wall. Their attempt at using a rope and ladder was successful —  until Border Patrol caught up with them.

This is exactly why the higher border wall exists: To slow down would-be border crossers instead of giving them a free pass. It functioned exactly as intended, and the two perpetrators were run off.

Democrats would rather pretend that our border crisis doesn’t exist and that a reconstructed wall wouldn’t even help, but they have been proven wrong repeatedly.

But liberals in Congress can’t be bothered with an actual problem because they are too busy trying to impeach Trump. It is embarrassing behavior and why they will lose in 2020.

Yes, because Trump has followed through on his promises — including his commitment to border security — he will easily be re-elected next November. Democrats don’t stand a chance.

Read the full story here.

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