BREAKING: Shock As Trump Suffers DEATH – Voters Stunned

CNN political analyst Michael Smerconish said Friday that former President Donald Trump is suffering “death by a thousand cuts” legally due to the many investigations and lawsuits being carried out against him.

Wolf Blitzer asked Smerconish about reports that Trump mishandled classified documents, but Smerconish said it wasn’t clear whether his actions were intentional.

“Did Trump potentially commit a crime here? Is there a chance he will be prosecuted for it?” Blitzer asked.

“Wolf, for anybody else, this is a five-alarm fire. For him, I think it’s the least of his worries,” Smerconish answered. “He’s got the Manhattan District Attorney. He’s got the New York Attorney General, the January 6th commission, and a grand jury in Georgia all looking at him. If he were a major corporation — and he isn’t in reality — there’d be in-house teams of lawyers and a lot of outside counsel. In his case, this has got to be incredibly expensive and difficult to manage. It’s like a death by a thousand cuts, legally speaking.”

The question is, will enough people vote him back into office anyway?

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