Breaking: Shock Announcement – Robert Mueller Is…

Special counsel Robert Mueller’s witch hunt against President Trump and his allies has taken a stunning turn, and now the nation is wondering where it will go next.

According to a status report, former national security advisor Michael Flynn’s cooperation with Mueller has come to an end. While Flynn remains “in a position to cooperate with law enforcement authorities, his “cooperation is otherwise complete.”

Surely this is yet another sign that Mueller’s sham of an ‘investigation’ is wrapping up, but he also seems determined to draw it out as long as possible — especially since he hasn’t found the smoking gun he so desperately desires for validation.

In fact, for all of the media’s uproar over Flynn — who has done everything he was asked — he may not even receive prison time. Federal guidelines suggest his maximum sentence will be no more than six months, with the minimum sentence being zero.

Flynn is a good, patriotic man, who was tricked by the FBI and charged with a crime. His career and life have been ruined as a result of Mueller’s zeal to take down Trump and anyone associated with him. It’s one of the worst displays of partisan hackery in history.

The DC establishment still cannot accept that Trump is president and they’ll do whatever they can to hurt honest people like Flynn in the process. This is about a power struggle for the heart of America — “collusion” with Russia is just a cover.

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