BREAKING: She’s Taking Over Thanks To Trump – Voters Cheering…

When Katie Arrington got the endorsement from Donald Trump during her effort to win the upcoming Republican South Carolina Representative primary race, you could instantly see the positive effect it had on Arrington’s campaign and fans.

Now, despite associating herself with what many consider a chaotic figure, she’s making up serious ground on the incumbent, Nancy Mace.

It’s causing anyone who doesn’t believe that Trump’s endorsement carries a lot of weight to think again.

Nancy Mace currently leads polling for the race with a score of 46.4% of support, but Arrington is holding strong less than six points behind.

Yes, Arrington is behind, but she’s down by less than six points.

Meanwhile, over 13% of voters are still undecided in that particular primary race.

A lot of the world had gone crazy in 2022, but 13 is still bigger than six, meaning that Arrington has more than enough room to make up that gap with undecided voters alone.

With Trump on her side, she just might get all 13% of them.

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