BREAKING: She’s Speaking Out About Biden’s Secret – Nation Stunned…

When even other liberals are sick and tired of the baloney going on at the top of the federal government, you would think that Joe and Kamala and Chuck and Nancy would realize they need to calm down a bit.

Instead, their response is to just dig their heels in even more, sticking to the ideas and demanding expansion of the things that got us in trouble in the first place.

Former Representative Tulsi Gabbard, a Democrat from Hawaii, has seen enough.

“It pisses me off, you know,” she began. “It’s the double standard between those in power, and then there’s the rest of us.”

“We see it with this insider trading that Pelosi does and has been doing for quite some time but is also very blatantly advocating for. I introduced legislation in Congress to prohibit members of Congress and their spouses from trading in stocks, period, for even any perception of insider trading because your job is to serve the people and not, you know, cushion your own bank account. But … one of the hypocritical things I see here is that President Biden and his administration take a lot of time touting how great our democracy is around the world and how we follow the rule of law and so on and so forth and that autocracies with oligarchs should look to us to copy what we do, and, yet, we have this living example of the oligarchs of America in people like Pelosi and Joe Biden and Hunter Biden showing exactly what our democracy should not be.”

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