She’s OUTING Joe Biden’s Dirty Little Secret – WOW

Chelsea Clinton recently made the talk-show rounds trumpeting how important it was for America to have a man like Joe Biden in charge, especially after the Trump administration.

Why? Because according to Clinton, Biden “cares deeply about the American people.”

The obvious implication there was that Trump did not and does not.

But was Clinton’s assessment accurate? Most people are saying absolutely not, and Marsha Blackburn is one of them.

The Republican from Tennessee had almost the exact opposite opinion on Biden compared to Chelsea’s blabbering nonsense.

According to Blackburn, Biden is “unfriendly and uncaring about what the American public is facing every time they go fill up the pump.”

“When you talk — whether it’s a large oil company, independents or wildcatters, they will, everyone, tell you they have the ability to produce more,” Blackburn said during an appearance on Fox News. “They have not been able to get drill permits for existing leases, and they want them. He needs to go back to fracking. He needs to allow more natural gas — the cleanest fuel — into the pipeline.”

“What he needs to do is restart the Keystone; go back and drill in Alaska,” she concluded. “Taking a million acres offline in Alaska is wrong. Go back offshore. Go down to Louisiana. Talk to some of those guys that are there in the Gulf. There are things he could do today. You know, the oil industry and oil futures work off of certainty, and they are looking for that certainty. They are not getting it from this president. He has proven to be very unfriendly and very uncaring about what the American public is facing every time they go fill up the pump.”

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