[BREAKING]: She’s GONE… Shock Pelosi Replacement Notice

Democrats in the House are living on borrowed time. Nancy Pelosi’s antics could cost her party dearly in the 2020 election.

One man who knows this better than anyone, House GOP leader Kevin McCarthy, noted: “There were 8.5 million Trump voters who voted in 2016 who did not turn out in 2018. If they turned out in 2018, and we know exactly where they live, we’d still be in the majority.”

Republicans lack of momentum in 2018 lost them the House, but that could all change next year.

President Trump’s voter base will be out in force and they are angry. The impeachment inquiry is adding fuel to the fire in key swing states.

Considering the momentum Republicans are building going into 2020, they could easily retake the majority in the House.

Democrats will have no one to blame but themselves. They sold out on radical policies that angered the silent majority. Now they’ll have to deal with the consequences.

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