BREAKING: She’s Done – Kamala Harris Gets Shocking Notice

Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) said on Newsmax TV’s “Stinchfield” Thursday that Vice President Kamala Harris “can’t find the southern border of the United States on a map” and is not living up to her task of handling the crisis at the border.

“It is like she’s been in charge of this mess for the last 40 days, and she hasn’t been to South Texas. She hasn’t been to Laredo. She hasn’t been to McAllen. I have,” he said.

I don’t blame the migrants I blame the incompetence of the Biden administration that endangers America by empowering cartels,” he said.

“I want Kamala Harris to look that little girl in the eye and say that her policies are good for her, are good for the children in the little girl’s abused on the journey by these cartels,” he said. “This is patent nonsense. This is the bat crap craziest thing I think I’ve ever heard her say, and that’s saying something.”

Biden and Harris are going to have to do something about the border situation soon, because even with the media moratorium on any real description of how bad it is, public opinion is quickly turning on both of them over the immigration issue.

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    1. I do hope you are wrong, however. Nothing will be done as long as people set on their butts, and let them, biden and harris pull their crap…the good AMERICAN people have to pay for their travesty of lies and total bs, Oppps. Total BS

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