BREAKING: She’s Coming For The Presidency – Joe Biden Stunned

She wants the big seat in the Oval Office and she’s not hiding it.

Former Democratic Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams said she was “absolutely” planning to run for president of the United States in the future, according to a Breitbart report.

“You earlier said people take voting for granted,” said Abrams during an interview. “When you’ve never had to think about the hardship of voting, then yes, these conversations on voter suppression seem absurd to you. When you have never spent more than seven minutes in line, it is nearly impossible to imagine that there are poor Black people who stand in line for eight hours, miss an entire day’s wages, risk losing their jobs simply to cast a ballot in an election that may or may not have any benefit in their lives.”

When the interviewer asked Abrams about running for president, her answer was clear.

“Do I hold it as an ambition? Absolutely,” answered Abrams. “And even more importantly, when someone asks me if that’s my ambition, I have a responsibility to say ‘Yes,’ for every young woman, every person of color, every young person of color who sees me and decides what they’re capable of based on what I think I am capable of.”

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9 Responses

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  3. This woman is Nutso! Show us your proof…If a Black person has to stand in line all day, so does a White person! Anyone see any vids of long lines of voters who are black only? Tell Abrams to stop lying! A hardship to vote?! A duty to vote, but not for this lying POS. She is trying to trade in on her skin color and is insulting to African Americans with comments like this!

    1. Abraham is a sorrowful idi9t. She’s all for the blacks. What about the rest of us. Aren’t we Americans too?

  4. I use to wonder what politicians like Abrams were laughing at when they took there pictures in front of the press ,but now I think I figured it out ,they are laughing at us

    1. Agree because although the Democrats like to put her out front in the news, they know she would be an extremely poor choice for the nomination. They seem to like devious and dishonest people in their fold.

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