BREAKING: She’s Cancelled – Fox News Fans Shocked

She was just canceled without any warning whatsoever. Millions of Fox News fans across the nation are shocked — they never expected this to happen. The story is blowing up now.

According to Edward Isaac-Dovere, a writer for The Atlantic, “Tara Reade abruptly canceled the interview she was scheduled to record on Friday afternoon with Chris Wallace for @FoxNewsSunday to air Sunday morning.”

An important note: The Atlantic is a left-wing, anti-Trump publication, and it’s fair to conclude that they were just trying to get political mileage out of the announcement, but his report is at least useful.

Isaac-Dovere also shared a tweet from Lisa Lerer with The New York Times and another bombshell dropped. According to Lerer, “Reade tells me she canceled the interview with Fox News” for a startling reason.

Reade reportedly canceled because “death threats received by her and her child made her nervous about being in the public eye.” It makes you wonder who was making the threats — because it certainly wasn’t Republicans.

Let’s be honest: The Democratic Party has a lot to lose. If this story about Reade continues to get traction, Biden will be in even more trouble. Regardless, President Donald Trump is going to win re-election and send Biden home.

Read the full story here.

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