BREAKING: She’s Been Shot DEAD – Nation Stunned…

A 52-year-old Florida mother was shot to death on Thursday by her 19-year-old son after she told him to stop smoking cigars in his room, according to police.

Seth Settle is accused of shooting his mother and fleeing the scene in Polk County after his dad left for work. He reportedly confessed to neighbors after fleeing.

She was found collapsed by Settle’s brother, but they did not know she had been shot because the puncture of her heart stopped most of the blood flow.

By the time her husband and daughter were able to return home from work and school, she had been taken to the hospital and was pronounced dead.

Settle faces multiple charges including second-degree murder, tampering with evidence, five counts of providing false information to law enforcement and discharging a firearm on a residential property. The gun is also believed to be illegal.

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