BREAKING: She’s Been KICKED Out – Unbelievable…

Nadia Murad, a woman who lived through kidnapping and sexual slavery at the hands of ISIS, had an event canceled due to fears of “Islamophobia.”

“Twenty-eight-year-old Nadia Murad was scheduled to visit with students from 600 different schools to speak about her upcoming book, ‘The Last Girl: My Story Of Captivity,’ which documents the horrific treatment she suffered from ISIS but was told by the Toronto School District that her event could not be held because it could ‘foster Islamophobia,'” according to Fox News.

“The decision to cancel the event was made by Toronto School Board Superintendent Helen Fisher, who argued that the book could be viewed as offensive to Muslims,” reports Fox News.

The Toronto District School Board is the fourth largest in North America and Canada’s largest.

“Murad’s book tells how she escaped the Islamic State after being taken from her home and sold into sexual slavery where she was raped and tortured at the age of 14,” reported Fox News.

Parents have criticized the school district for the move.

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