BREAKING: She’s Been FIRED – Republicans Are Furious

She was just fired and Republicans are furious. Legal action is being taken now, and those responsible may be in big trouble. This is stunning.

“A Pennsylvania elementary school principal has filed a lawsuit against the school district that fired her after she shared on her Facebook page conservative memes, including one that read it is better to vote for a potato than Joe Biden,” reported Breitbart News.

According to Amy Sacks, the now-former principal of Evergreen Elementary School, “the school district’s superintendent “decided that the First Amendment Freedom of Speech has no place in public schools.”

“Political memes caused me to lose my job,” Sacks continued. She also said it had nothing to do with performance, since she was principal “of one of the best performing elementary schools in Pennsylvania.”

But this is how left-wing cancel culture works. If you say one thing that isn’t approved by the powers that be, they will go after your job, your livelihood, and even sometimes your family. It is evil.

Sacks should be commended for fighting back — she also has a solid chance of winning her case. As a public employee, she has the constitutional right to express her political views in private without losing her job over it.

Read the full story here.

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