BREAKING: She’s Been ARRESTED – Nation in Shock

She was just arrested and millions of Americans are in shock. Now, a debate has erupted across the nation over the circumstances.

“Former Brooklyn Center Police Department officer Kim Potter was arrested Wednesday and will be charged with manslaughter in the fatal shooting death of Daunte Wright,” reported Breitbart News.

It has been a tragic story from the start. Wright was stopped by police during a traffic stop. However, it was “discovered Wright had an outstanding arrest warrant for a gross misdemeanor weapons charge,” according to a local report.

Wright reportedly “re-entered his vehicle” after officers attempted to make an arrest due to the warrant, prompting Potter to withdraw a weapon and “shouting that she will use her Taser.”

But it wasn’t her Taser; it was her handgun. Potter shot Wright “once” and he was later pronounced dead. Following the release of the bodycam footage, protests broke out in the area.

Wright’s family attorney, Ben Crump, has claimed that the act was “intentional,” but there is no proof of this assertion. Tragically, it appears that Potter, possibly under duress, mistook her handgun for her Taser.

Read the full story here.

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6 Responses

  1. If the perp had not run, he would be alive today. Antifa /BLM just using this as an excuse to cause anothe uprising. Demonrats and their minions will not win. GOD is on the side of WE, THE PEOPLE OF ALL COLORS and they are already defeated.

    1. He’s the one that caused the incident and intentionally jumped into his car to escape police , nothing else was intentional

  2. I think she was scared what he might do when he jumped back in the car and she was ready to protect herself because so many police have been shot to death by Blacks and others in traffic stops and even in the over run cities with rioting protesters or terrorist she did make a mistake and drew her gun instead of a taser. She didn’t know if he was going for a gun, knife, or some other weapon to do her harm. I think she was only protecting herself from harm or death.

  3. I’m sorry it happened but the office was doing her duty. A split second can mean her life or death. Wright ran, he was a criminal with escaping on his mind. I’m praying she is not found guilty of manslaughter. The lightest charge is still too much. She’s charged with protecting the citizens, she made a mistake but she was not wrong to defend herself.

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