BREAKING: She Won’t Do It – Nancy Pelosi Stuns Democrats

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) won’t admit that she is at fault after Democrats experienced critical losses during the 2020 election even as Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden seems to have won the Presidential election.

Instead of admitting any fault in the losses that Democrats experienced in the House, Pelosi instead took credit for Democrats holding the House majority for the past two years.

This refusal by Nancy Pelosi to admit any fault in what is really a disaster for House Democrats will only make her quest to maintain her position in leadership more difficult.

Thanks to the losses sustained this election cycle, Democrats will be on their back foot in the 2022 midterms. Republicans will have their sights set on retaking the House in 2022 and kneecapping any agenda Joe Biden may have for the prospective last two years of his presidency.

Republicans will likely hold the Senate, and if they take the House in 2022, Democrats will be powerless to force through their agenda.

Despite these dire circumstances for Democrats, Pelosi insists the party credits her for giving them a majority for the last two years of President Trump’s term.

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