BREAKING: She Says It’s OVER – Trump Is Shocked

Hillary Clinton told Rachel Maddow she thinks the “reality show” of Donald Trump’s presidency is about to get “canceled.”

Maddow asked her whether she had learned any lessons during her run against Trump, particularly in the debates.

“Look, I think that his big advantage of having been a so-called reality TV star and then in having been if people’s living rooms on their TV’s for a number of years before he ran has pretty much run its course,” Clinton said.

She makes about as much sense as Joe Biden. And she thought she was going to win in 2016, so she can definitely be wrong.

“I think his series is about to be canceled,” she went on. “It’s just the same story over and over again, lying with impunity, attacking when you have nothing to say, unable to give an answer that is frankly coherent. So I think that Joe knows all that.”

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