BREAKING: She RESIGNS – Announcement Stuns Nation

A Kansas university cheerleading coach has resigned after allegations in January that she engaged in “microaggressions” against a black cheerleader’s hairstyle.

Ottawa University STUNT coach Casey Jamerson chose to resign even though she said the accusations were not true and the university defended her.

Team member Talyn Jefferson, 20, accused Jamerson of removing her from the team after an incident in which Jamerson asked Jefferson to remove a bonnet she was wearing to hold her seven-foot braids.

Jefferson said that she was worried her long braids would hit another team member, and that Jamerson said disgustedly, “Black people’s hairstyles,” as well as making comments to Jefferson about the hairstyle’s appropriateness for the collegiate team.

Jamerson was then harrassed and threatened by email and phone, as well as online, after Jefferson posted about the alleged comments on Twitter. She decided to resign so she wouldn’t be a “distraction” to the team.

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