BREAKING: She Just FLIPPED – Pelosi Is Stunned

She just ‘flipped’ and Nancy Pelosi is stunned. The far-left Speaker of the House can’t believe what has happened — and she had better count her political blessings.

President Trump’s eldest daughter, Ivanka Trump, appeared on CBS News to champion 12 weeks of paid family leave for federal workers, and she may have come to an agreement with Pelosi on it.

CBS News’ Margaret Brennan said, “Now you have found an area of agreement with Speaker Pelosi who championed paid family leave” — likely hoping to draw out controversy.

However, the politically astute Ivanka, who certainly did not deny an agreement exists, was diplomatic in her response and gave Brennan no room to question her conservative credentials.

“This has been years of discussion and education on the merits of paid family leave grounded in conservative values of work and of family,” answered Ivanka.

Ivanka said that she would support the 12 weeks of paid family leave for situations such as the birth of a child or caring for a sick loved one. She is working to get both major parties on board.

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