BREAKING: She Just BETRAYED Joe Biden – Mutiny In The Ranks…

Vulnerable Democrats know what they have to do:

Get away from Joe Biden.

That’s precisely what Democrat Representative Kim Schrier of Washington is trying to do, but ONLY when Joe’s not around.

She’s actually been campaigning WITH Joe as well.

During those stops, she doesn’t have much to say about dirty old Joe.

But when she’s alone?

She admits that she knows Biden is to be for the formula shortage, as well as most of the other problems he claims are out of his control.

Now the only thing left for Schrier to do is to toughen up and say these things to Joe’s face.

The only way things are going to get done is if Joe’s own party stands up to him.

Unfortunately, even when they do, we’re now learning it’s only for personal gain.

If that doesn’t tell you all that you need to know about liberals, then you’re the reason the country is headed the direction it is.

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