BREAKING: She Finally Goes Down – Trump Exposes Top Dem

President Trump went after Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and called her out over her awful legislative efforts.

Speaking on Friday President Trump took the kid gloves off saying, “She’s got a great line of bulls*** that’s about it. She knows nothing about the environment.”

AOC is best known for her “Green New Deal,” which proposes spending trillions of dollars to combat climate change.

Trump continued saying, “The real number is $100 trillion. They say we can do it for like $9 trillion. Nine trillion does not work either. The real price is $100 trillion. They want to rip down buildings and build new buildings with tiny little windows.”

AOC and her Democrat cohorts are willing to run the nation into bankruptcy with legislation that has little scientific backing.

President Trump doesn’t mince words and rightly so. The Democrats have been proposing wealth redistribution in the guise of absurd legislation like the “Green New Deal.” America cannot afford the Democrats anymore.

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