BREAKING: She ALREADY Resigned – Nation Stunned

She has already resigned. Americans are completely stunned — no one expected this to happen so suddenly. The news just dropped and it is spreading nationwide.

Announcing her retirement, Seattle Police Chief Carmen Best said her decision was due to “the overarching lack of respect for the officers, the men, and women who work so hard day in and day out.”

Best continued addressing the city council’s budget cuts to the police department, saying that it was “highly distressful to me” and it “goes against my principles and convictions.”

It appears the Seattle City Council — instead of standing behind Chief Best, an African-American woman, no less — woke politicians have capitulated to the mobs causing chaos in the streets.

Best also noted how hard the department worked to have a diverse workforce “that reflected the community,” but it appears Seattle’s elected officials would rather appease Antifa and BLM.

This should be a reminder to everyone that the ‘Defund the Police’ movement is about destroying police morale and ultimately abolishing them. It is about treating them like the enemy. This must be resisted.

Read the full story here.

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