BREAKING: Sex Bombshell Rocks D.C. – Drain The Swamp

A sexual abuse bombshell just rocked Washington, DC. The news is spreading nationwide and people are stunned. The swamp needs to be drained everywhere.

“The principal of a major D.C. public charter school is facing a criminal charge over her handling of an allegation of sex abuse by a teacher,” according to a report from the local NBC affiliate in Washington.

The principal, Andhra Lutz, is accused of allegedly waiting “nearly a week” before informing authorities about an “abuse allegation” against a male teacher. The allegation was made by a female student in October.

According to the law, teachers are known as mandated reporters — meaning they are required to report alleged sexual abuse that occurs at the school to the local Child Protective Services agency.

When a mandated reported waits or doesn’t report the allegation at all, it constitutes a “failure to report” under the law and often leads to prosecution. Lutz is currently facing this criminal charge.

The school, Kipp DC College Prep, is claiming that Lutz “acted professionally” and did report the incident. However, court and police records of the case led to the D.C. Attorney General filing a charge.

Read the full story here.

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