BREAKING: Senate Trial Shocker – Top Democrat Confirms It

Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) just dropped a bombshell on his fellow Democrats. Booker says that he would rather campaign in Iowa than press impeachment in the Senate.

In an interview with the Joe Madison Show on SiriusXM, Booker said, “Having to be down in impeachment is bad for America, is sad for America, and I wish this wasn’t happening. And so I swore an oath to do my job…but I would much rather be making my case to Iowans.”

The reality is that impeachment is both bad for America and bad for Democrats. Cory Booker is having to follow his party on a course he doesn’t want.

Radical Democrats rushed headlong into impeachment without considering the consequences. The reality is that they had no evidence against President Trump.

Booker would have a much easier time campaigning if he didn’t have to deal with the distraction that is impeachment. That’s karma for you.

Impeachment has been an asset for President Trump and may very well mobilize his base and win him the election.

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