BREAKING: Senate Reversal On Impeachment – Nation Stunned

After winning a vote to allow more witnesses to be called, Democrats bizarrely reversed course and declined to call witnesses during the Senate impeachment trial.

Democrats likely knew that no witnesses they could call would provide anything significant. The writing was on the wall from the beginning; Democrats didn’t have the votes to convict former President Trump.

The Senate impeachment trial was a major failure for Democrats and has ensured that Trump still has the option to run in 2024 if he chooses to.

Democrats knew that they would never succeed in impeaching Trump, and concern was growing about the delays that the trial would create for President Biden’s legislative agenda.

Democrats are acutely aware of the ticking clock on their time in power. Democrats really only have the next year before the midterm election season will take time away from any legislative efforts.

Furthermore, Democrats have no guarantees of holding onto power past the 2022 midterms as Republicans are in a position to retake both the House and the Senate.

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