BREAKING: Senate Reparations Bombshell – White House Shocked…

Senate Democrats are continuing to exploit the current financial crisis caused by COVID-19 to pressure Republicans and President Donald Trump into enacting their liberal policy intiatives under the guise of “reparations” to African-Americans.
On Thursday, 15 Democrat senators introduced the “Economic Justice Act,” which contains $350 billion in spending for minority communities and services aimed at low-income minorities, calling it a “down payment.”
“Minority Leader Schumer and Senate Democrats are hijacking the economic pain many Americans are feeling to push their far-Left identity politics, which will not only divide Americans further but will add billions more to our skyrocketing debt,” Executive Director of Heritage Action for America Jessica Anderson said, urging Congress to get Americans back to work and school instead.
Many of the areas the bill would be aimed at have just spent two months rioting and destroying local businesses and government infrastructure. Now taxpayers are supposed to give them billions more dollars?
Most of these areas already have sky-high government spending and taxes, so it seems counterproductive to throw even more money at the situation. Why don’t we find out what is really going to work to improve these low income, crime-ridden cities and do that instead?
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