BREAKING: Senate Order Revealed – Pelosi Is FUMING

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) may order a significant change in how Senate impeachment trials are handled. Speaker Nancy Pelosi is fuming, but she only has herself to blame.

Fox News’ Gregg Jarrett, one of the network’s legal analysts, suggested that McConnell should move forward with President Trump’s trial without waiting on Pelosi to transmit articles of impeachment.

“The framers never envisioned a stunt pulled by a Speaker of the House like Nancy Pelosi holding onto articles of impeachment,” said Jarrett. But the Constitution “doesn’t say that the Senate has to wait.”

Jarrett noted that waiting on the articles to be transmitted is merely a Senate rule. This is why he thinks McConnell should “alter the rule” and hold the trial “on your own terms.”

“He can, beginning in January, simply alter the rule or eliminate it entirely and set a date for an impeachment trial,” said Jarrett. If Pelosi is going to continue delaying, this is exactly what should be done.

McConnell and the Republican-controlled Senate should not subject themselves to Pelosi’s grandstanding. Change the rule. Hold the trial. Exonerate Trump. Let America move on from this farce.

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