BREAKING: Senate Makes The Call – Trump’s Trial Is…

The Republican majority Senate is considering speeding up the impeachment trial.

Republicans are discussing writing in a rule that would limit the number of days each side has to make arguments.

Each side would have 24 hours that have to be used within two days. Republicans are interested in keeping the trial moving quickly instead of letting it drag on for weeks.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) elaborated on the plans saying, “We’re going to give both sides a full and fair opportunity to present their case. … Phase one is going to be the opening arguments from the House managers and from the White House. Each will have 24 hours spread out over two days to present the arguments they want.”

Republicans are especially interested in finishing the trial before the February 4th State of the Union address.

Democrats have suddenly become huge fans of precedent. They are expected to demand the exact same times as were given during the Clinton impeachment trial.

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