BREAKING: Senate FLIPPING Notice – At Least 5 Republicans Have…

Senator Richard Blumenthal is predicting a significant flipping of allegiances in the Senate over impeachment.

Blumenthal has said “at least five to ten Republicans have very severe misgivings” about Senate leader Mitch McConnell’s strategy.

McConnell has made it clear he will coordinate with the White House on impeachment. His reasoning is solid – the Democrats have made it clear that impeachment isn’t about justice or truth.

Impeachment is entirely political. Democrats are trying to take down President Trump by any means necessary.

They had no trouble locking House Republicans out during the investigation process. So McConnell should have no trouble shutting impeachment down.

As for Blumenthal’s prediction, it seems highly unlikely. Any Republican that breaks from Trump will face the wrath of his voting base next year.

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