BREAKING: Senate BLOCKS Police Plan – Democrats Are FURIOUS

Republican lawmakers in Minnesota are planning on blocking plans by Democrats to majorly overhaul policing in the state.

While Republicans will consider more accountability measures, most of the plans that Democrats are concocting are unacceptable and will be soundly rejected.

While the city of Minneapolis will likely continue their plans to abolish the city’s police department they won’t find success on the state level.

The actions of Republicans will set up a pitched battle over policing throughout the state. All this comes at a time when Republicans are trying to reduce the coronavirus restrictions to allow the economy to get back to its optimal state.

It will also be a hard fight for Senate Republicans as both the governorship and the House are controlled by Democrats.

Republicans can send an important message to police departments around the nation that the Republican party will fight for them. Republicans are committed to common-sense reforms while rejecting radical progressive ideas.

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