BREAKING: Secret Video Proves What REALLY Happened At Polls – Nation Stunned

A secret video showing ballot workers in Georgia pulling suitcases of ballots out and counting them after poll watchers had left is being used by the Trump campaign to prove that there is voter fraud and that the election needs to be thoroughly audited if not redone.

Trump’s legal team is being led by Rudy Giuliani, who presented the video during a hearing on “election improprieties” held by the Georgia state Senate Judiciary Committee.

Witnesses who submitted affidavits said they were told to go home for the night “on the basis they were going to stop counting and return,” presumably the next morning.

Jacki Pick, a volunteer for Trump’s representatives, said, “Four people stay behind and continue counting and tabulating well into the night. The Republican observers said they were the last people to leave State Farm Arena, along with the Fox News crew, excepting those four people.”

For whatever reason, those four individuals did not want observers there while they counted ballots that they pulled from the suitcases as their unobserved counting went on well into the night.

In a state that was won by a few thousand votes in Joe Biden’s favor, this one case could account for thousands of fraudulent votes. This video proves that there are improprieties with this election, and substantive action is warranted.

Read the full story here.

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