BREAKING: Secret Force ATTACKS Joe Biden – 19 Men Take Aim…

Republican governors have finally had enough.

Nineteen of the country’s 28 Republican governors recently put pen to paper and wrote out a list of demands that Joe Biden needs to follow.

“The supply chain for essential goods is broken,” they wrote. “And while we have a vested interest in promoting free commerce amongst our states, a crisis that risks the lives of our youngest demands immediate, decisive, and robust action.”

The letter comes about in response to the Americans that can’t afford to put gas in their cars, can’t find formula to keep their babies fed, and are watching skyrocketing inflation turn every trip to the grocery store into pure misery.

Biden doesn’t care.

America can tell.

It’s time for the man to put up, or shut up. If Biden’s not going to do it, then 19 governors are going to do it for him.

Their demands include the following:

1) Immediately suspending all tariffs, quotas, and similar trade restrictions on infant formula until the crisis is abated.

2) Immediately updating FDA labeling standards on foreign formula.

3) Bringing forward structural changes to the WIC [USDA’s Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children].

4) Ordering an independent and transparent after-action report of past FDA recall orders.

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