BREAKING: Secret DOJ Docs Reveal Truth – Trump Was RIGHT

The secret Department of Justice (DOJ) documents just revealed the truth. President Donald Trump was right all along — he has been exonerated once again. It is now the talk on national news outlets across America.

According to Fox News, based upon a newly-released DOJ memo “outlining the authority of former Special Counsel Robert Mueller,” the conclusion is that “Mueller’s authority went significantly beyond what was known previously.”

This is absolutely damning to the Democrats’ claims that Mueller was on the up-and-up. It is even more obvious — as if it wasn’t obvious before — that the Trump-Russia ‘collusion’ investigation was nothing but a scam.

Americans were repeatedly told by Democrats that this was ‘by the book,’ but something never seemed right. The evidence didn’t stack up; witnesses contradicted each other. It was a witch-hunt of dastardly proportions.

Tragically, former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn — who didn’t absolutely nothing wrong — was caught up in it all and has spent months on end defending himself. Now, the DOJ is dropping the case against him.

Why? Because FBI officials allegedly tried to entrap Flynn.  It is just one example of the deep-state coup that was being attempted against candidate Trump and then against his administration. But it is all unraveling.

Read the full story here.

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