BREAKING: Secret Democrat Conspiracy EXPOSED – Military Ordered To…

A secret Democrat conspiracy was just exposed. They want to use the military to carry out something nefarious, and one prominent voice is speaking up.

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson called out Democrats — such as Illinois Gov. JB Pritzker — for thinking “it is fine to mobilize the Army in order to put down domestic opinions.” This is tragically where we have ended up.

Pritzker, for example, said in a press release announcing that more National Guard troops would be sent to Washington, DC, to “root out the dark forces of racism, white supremacy and disinformation that have created this moment.”

Really? So, in Pritzer’s mind, that’s the role of our military — to fight “disinformation.” As Carlson put it, “This is not the way things are done in America. It’s not the way they have been done since the Civil War.”

And it isn’t just the Illinois governor. The talking heads on MSNBC are pushing the idea, too. During a recent segment, an MSNBC reporter said that “nearly 5,000 National Guard troops will be deployed in D.C. through March.”

The reporter cited an analysis by “extremism researchers” as one of the reasons. “Oh extremism researchers,” said Carlson. “So the Southern Poverty Law Center is now in charge of the Pentagon. You should know that.”

Read the full story here.

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