BREAKING: Second Wave CONFIRMED – Nation In Chaos

A second wave of the coronavirus was just confirmed. The nation is in total chaos as health officials work overtime to prevent it from spreading even further. This is a critical moment.

“We are experiencing the beginning of a second wave,” said Israel’s head of public health services, Sigal Sadetzky, who said the country is “now we are seeing close to 200 new sick people a day.”

This is a major setback for Israel. At one point, the nation was seeing “less than 20 infections a week,” however, the uptick started shortly after reopening began — especially once schools reopened.

“We compromised slightly on the education system because we very much wanted to believe that it would pass, even if we are cutting corners, but with this virus you can’t negotiate,” continued Sadetzky.

He also noted how, realistically, the nation simply cannot go back into lockdown mode. There now has to be a “balance of interests.” Life has to move on and the economy has to reopen, but caution must also be taken.

Ultimately, any country dealing with a second wave of COVID-19 has to encourage social distancing and other safety precautions. This way, infections will be put at a minimum and hospitals won’t be overrun with patients.

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