BREAKING: Second Amendment REVERSAL – Democrats Shock…

The news just dropped about a Second Amendment ‘reversal’ and Democrats are shocked. Millions of gun-grabbing liberals can’t believe this happened.

“Montana lawmakers are considering legislation that would ban the enforcement of federal gun control,” reported Breitbart News, thereby attempting to reverse anything the Biden administration cooks up.

State Rep. Jedediah Hinkle, a Republican, has filed a bill that “would ban state employees from enforcing or implementing federal bans on firearms, magazines or ammunition.” This is a wonderful idea.

While Montana and other state governments cannot prevent the federal government from passing laws, they can certainly prevent state employees from aiding the implementation of federal laws.

Hinkle is essentially practicing a legislative concept known as “nullification,” in which a state decides that it will simply not comply with the federal mandate. There is a reason why we have the 10th Amendment.

However, the Biden administration can also expect to get dragged into federal court — conservative, freedom-loving states are not going to allow unconstitutional actions to go unchecked. Biden should keep this in mind.

Read the full story here.

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