BREAKING: Secession Announcement Stuns Nation – This State Is On Fire…

Georgia lawmakers are catching heat for tabling an important issue to Georgia residents.

“Chairman of the Buckhead City Committee Bill White criticized Georgia lawmakers for shelving a plan to place the deannexation of Buckhead from Atlanta on the ballot in 2022, saying ‘we simply just want to right to vote,'” reported Breitbart News.

“And some of those people will vote no — but 75 percent want the vote,” White said.

“So Senator Albers needs to drop the bill and put the personal problems behind. People are depending on this, and Speaker Ralston needs to allow this to proceed in the House,” White added.

“I call on Albers to drop the bill because if the Senate moves, then the speaker said he would move,” he added.

“White has been spearheading the most recent grassroots effort to deannex Buckhead City from Atlanta. The movement has been gaining more traction than in the past — the bill’s sponsor Republican Senator Brandon Beach said he has ‘never seen’ so much support for the measure,” reports Breitbart News.

“I hate to say this, but in the first 60 days of Andre Dickens mayoralty, it’s off to a worse start. We had shootings in Buckhead go up 164 percent under Bottoms, and murder up over 90 percent under Mayor Bottoms,” White said. “And then she fired police officers who were just doing their jobs, without due process, and we broke the sacred trust of our relationship with our brave men and women in blue.”

“If lawmakers voted to allow the measure on the ballot, and residents voted to deannex from Atlanta, the town would be able to establish its own police department. White said Buckhead is ready to employ 250 police officers to serve the city,” according to Breitbart News.

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