BREAKING: Sean Hannity CRUSHES Enemies – Robert Mueller Is…

Sean Hannity crushed the liberal competition last month, coming in as the number one cable news host in the ratings. And number 2?

That’s another Fox star, pugilistic pundit Tucker Carlson, who trounced Hannity’s primetime competitor Rachael Maddow, who came in a distant third.

How did Hannity and Carlson win?

In an ironic twist, many observers pointed to Robert Mueller, who’s lastluster conclusion to his investigation confirmed Hannity’s criticism, and exposed Maddow as a paranoid conspiracy theorist.

If Mueller helped Hannity win, it’s certainly ironic. He’s been Hannity’s enemy No. 1 for over a year.

Advertisers who pulled their ads from Fox are surely regretting it now.

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