BREAKING: Schiff Makes It Official – GOP is SHOCKED

Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) shocked everyone when he called for more investigations into President Trump. He clearly hasn’t learned his lesson.

Speaking on NPR’s “Morning Edition,” Schiff said, “What we’ll need to weigh is the need to validate Congress’ oversight authority, the need to make sure the American people understand the full length and breadth of the president’s misconduct, as well as others in the administration that were part of the misconduct.”

Despite the events of the past five months, Schiff is still convinced Trump is guilty.

Schiff may very well find himself in trouble if he continues pressing the issue. Democrats are lucky things aren’t worse after being so resoundingly rejected by the Senate and the American people.

Continuing calls for impeachment will also do Democrats no favors when it comes to the 2020 elections.

Democrats would do well to focus on other issues going into 2020. This simply is not the hill to die on and they stand no chance of beating the President.

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