BREAKING: Schiff Impeachment Bombshell – New Evidence Is…

An impeachment bombshell just dropped and Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) is connected directly to it. New evidence is allegedly coming to the forefront mere months before the November election.

During an appearance on NBC News, Schiff announced that former national security advisor John Bolton could testify against President Donald Trump in new impeachment hearings.

“I don’t think we should wait, if we conclude that there are important things he says that needs to be exposed to the public,” said Schiff, referring to Bolton’s upcoming election-year book.

Anchor Chuck Todd specifically asked Schiff about alleged comments Trump made to Chinese President Xi Jinping. Bolton claims Trump expressed support for China’s persecution of the Uighurs.

The Uighurs are an ethnic minority in China and at least 1 million have been detained in concentration camps, facilities the Chinese government has dubbed “re-education centers.”

But if Schiff plans on using this issue for another round of impeachment proceedings, he will be met with a swift rebuttal. Trump called out China’s abuse long ago and has signed a bill to confront it.

Read the full story here.

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