BREAKING: Schiff DEFEATED – Trump Fans Celebrating

Some in the Trump administration are not sure that Democrats will still move to impeach the president after concluding a series of public hearings that didn’t appear to change many minds.

Moderates in vulnerable districts for 2020 are reportedly feeling unsupported as House Democrats pound impeachment, and it isn’t immediately clear that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has enough votes to pass articles of impeachment if even a few moderates peel off to appease their constituents back home.

President Donald Trump and the RNC have both been breaking fundraising records and now have ample funding to put pressure on these Democrats with ad campaigns decrying their support for impeachment.

Rep. Brenda Lawrence, (D-MI) said on Sunday that she didn’t see any value in going forward with impeachment and trying to remove Trump, but changed her mind under intense Democrat pressure and put out a statement on Tuesday saying she still supports impeachment.

A Republican National Committee email blast used Lawrence’s original statemet to claim that Democrats are getting “cold feet” and suggested that “vulnerable” members “listen to their constituents and be the next group to abandon ship.”

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