BREAKING: Schiff DEBUNKED – Trump Flips The Script…

President Trump has flipped the script on Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) once again.

Schiff had claimed that Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani had a lengthy conversation with a top budget official in the White House.

Schiff came to this conclusion using the records of phone calls that he had obtained through questionable means.

The way that phone numbers at the White House work make it difficult to actually tell who is talking to who using records alone. The White House made it clear that no one within the budgeting department had talked to Giuliani.

As much as a liability as Giuliani has been for the Trump administration, Schiff jumped the gun yet again.

Schiff is desperate to find anything he possibly can. But so far he has turned up nothing but hearsay and disconnected facts. Even worse, he’s abused his power to subpoena the phone records of American citizens that he wants to target. Schiff really needs to be held accountable for his abuses.

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