BREAKING: Schiff Admits Massive Bombshell – I Knew It

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff (D-CA) called the kettle black on Sunday when he said that President Donald Trump has to be removed from office so he can’t “cheat in the next election.”

Schiff used this reasoning to explain why Democrats didn’t wait for subpoenas of witness testimony to be settled in the courts before moving forward on impeachment.

The notion of Schiff asking for a “fair” trial is laughable because of the utter lack of fairness in the way the House, led by Schiff, conducted their impeachment inquiry. The White House was barred from having its counsel present or presenting its own witnesses, and Republicans in the House were even prevented from asking questions of some Democrat witnesses.

There was nothing fair about the House inquiry, and now Schiff is seeking to make the Senate trial unfair as well.

That’s because a truly fair impeachment process would expose Democrats as having nothing on Trump and show how partisan and political impeachment actually has been.

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