BREAKING: Schiff ADMITS It’s Unreliable – White House Shocked

Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA) just admitted that the data is unreliable. The White House is in shock — they never expected an anti-Trump Democrat to actually tell the truth. This is a stunning development.

“We can’t rely I think on the numbers that China’s giving out — both because I think the Chinese leadership probably wants to present their model as the successful model,” said Schiff on MSNBC this week.

He also noted that “given all the problems the United States is having, this is among other things, a propaganda coup for China to be sending medical equipment to the United States instead of the other way around.”

This is fascinating. Democrats and their allies in the media have raked Trump over the coals for doubting China’s reporting, yet here is Schiff — the man who led the impeachment sham — sending a different signal.

Schiff never mentions Trump by name — he wouldn’t want to be that obvious. However, by simply appearing on MSNBC and casting doubt on China’s COVID-19 data is enough of an admission.

But let’s not expect this reasonable version of Schiff to last forever. He has an anti-Trump pedigree to keep, after all. It won’t be long before he is trying to push yet another witch-hunt on the American people.

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