BREAKING: Sarah Sanders’ STUNS Nation – Senate Shocked

Former White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders made a stunning assertion Friday.

She claims that the Democrat impeachment push will go down as one of the “dumbest political moves” in a long time.

Sanders also noted that President Trump will stand “fully vindicated” when he delivers the State of the Union address next week.

Democrats have thrown away their reputation and goodwill with the American people. Americans are beyond sick of the politics and it will cost Democrats come election time.

Lost among the turmoil of impeachment was the passage of the USMCA, the long-awaited replacement for NAFTA. President Trump hasn’t forgotten the economy and that will reap dividends for him.

Trump was elected on promises that he would fight for Americans and bolster the economy. Now he could be re-elected because he can both fight the swamp and fight for Americans.

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