BREAKING: Sarah Sanders RETURNS – Surprise Announcement

Former White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders just returned with a surprise announcement. She is doing exactly what she does best — exposing anti-Trump hypocrisy in Congress and the media.

“Nancy Pelosi feels sad’ about impeachment only because she knows this Democrat scam is a generous in-kind contribution to President Trump,” tweeted Sanders, referring to Pelosi’s recent comments.

She went on to say how the impeachment push is also a donation  to “every Republican running against a Democrat in a Trump district, and also noted how Pelosi is “too weak to stand up to the angry liberals in her party.”

Sanders is simply saying that Pelosi — far from feeling “sad” about impeachment itself — is actually more sad about the destruction her own party will suffer at the ballot box in 2020.

Instead of going with her initial instinct, which was to reject the idea of impeachment, she decided to pander to her party’s far-left base. Pelosi just fully ensured Trump’s reelection and the GOP retaking the House.

Trump himself has also pointed out Pelosi’s predicament in a humorous way. “Nancy Pelosi is looking for a Quid Pro Quo with the Senate,” he tweeted. “Why aren’t we Impeaching her?”

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