BREAKING: Sarah Sanders Goes Full Trump – Sets Dems On Fire

White House Spokeswoman Sarah Sanders just lost it at Congressional Democrats for their refusal to come to the table with Trump to fix the ongoing border crisis.

Sanders made an appearance on “Fox & Friends” and didn’t hold back from accusing Democrats of being “unwilling to do anything.”

Sanders revealed that President Trump has been backed into a corner and feels that he has no option but to take drastic action.

She blasted Democrats for their obstruction, saying that “it’s absolutely absurd and frankly it’s dangerous and it’s mean and cruel what Democrats are doing by not fixing basic law.”

Democrats love to accuse Trump of ripping families apart at the border. However, Sanders pointed out that Congress has the power to fix the problem but is refusing to take action to end the “exploitation of these children.”

President Trump threatened to close the Southern border last week as a last-ditch effort to address the problem. Sarah Sanders continued to voice an open frustration with Congress’ inability to agree to a “simple fix” that would increase border security and protect immigrant children.

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