BREAKING: Sarah Sanders CONFIRMS The Rumors – WOW

White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders just confirmed the rumors about President Trump’s plan to relocate undocumented immigrants to numerous “sanctuary cities” around the US.

Sanders confirmed that the proposal is “an option on the table.” Sanders admitted that it’s not the administrations first choice, but it may be the best solution for the ongoing crisis.

She went on to point out that the Trump administration feels forced to consider this option because the Democrats aren’t willing to “step up and help the penalty fix the laws.”

President Trump tweeted on Saturday that “the USA has the absolute legal right to have apprehended illegal immigrants transferred to Sanctuary Cities.”

Sanders indicated that Trump’s proposal is being considered as a last resort due to House Democrats stonewalling the President. She said that Trump already asked them to do “everything they can” to halt the influx of illegal immigrants.

Since Democrats have blocked Trump’s efforts to address the border crisis, Sarah Sanders says that “the president wants us to explore it again, and that’s being done, and they’re doing a complete and thorough review.”

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