BREAKING: Sanders Campaign Does Full REVERSAL – Supporters Shocked

The presidential campaign of Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) just did a full reversal and his radical, far-left supporters are stunned. They never expected this to happen.

Sanders’ campaign originally called for a full “moratorium on deportations until a thorough audit of past practices and policies is complete,” but campaign manager Faiz Shakir has walked this position back.

Shakir told Buzzfeed that “violent criminals … upon the end of whatever sentence they may currently have, they would be deported,” after serving out their conviction in prison.

In addition to this suspicious flip-flop, Shakir said that Sanders’ plan would represent “a tiny number of people on a case-by-case basis that would be outside the moratorium” — but that’s an absurd statement to make.

According to statistics reported by Fox News, “more than 86 percent of those arrested had either criminal convictions or pending charges.” Clearly, Sanders is trying to pull a fast one.

The truth is that while every Democratic candidate refuses to deal with illegal immigration, Sanders’ plan is the most extreme. A full moratorium on deportations would put U.S. citizens in grave danger.

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