BREAKING: Russian Spy Scandal Stopped JUST IN TIME [Details Coming In]

A former defense contractor has been arrested for working with an undercover FBI agent posing as a Russian operative.

“John Murray Rowe Jr., a 63-year-old resident of Lead, South Dakota, allegedly attempted to provide classified national defense information to the Russian government,” reported

“Rowe was employed for nearly four decades as a test engineer for several defense contractors. He held multiple national security clearances and worked on, among other things, projects for the U.S. Air Force’s aerospace technology,” according to

“He was ultimately terminated because of a suspicious interest in Russian affairs and curiosity about obtaining a security clearance from the Russian government,” reports

“Because of his status as a security risk, the FBI began an undercover operation to determine Rowe’s willingness to commit espionage,” reported

Rowe sent hundreds of emails to the undercover agent explaining his willingness to work for the Russians.

“If I can’t get a job here then I’ll go work for the other team,” wrote Rowe in one of the emails.

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