BREAKING: Russian Prosecution REVERSAL – Trump Shocked

Former congressman Trey Gowdy warned Fox News anchor Martha McCallum not to expect any indictments from the John Durham investigation into the origins of the Trump Russia collusion investigation.

being a terrible FBI agent and treating people unfairly, maybe it ought to be a crime, but I don’t think it is a crime,” Gowdy told McCallum. “The takeaway is, the next time the FBI says, ‘Hey, we’d like to talk,’ tell them no.”

“Say, ‘When you clean up your act, when you quit trying to get people fired and see what you can get away with, we will start treating you like a dispassionate law enforcement agency, but until then, no thanks we’re done talking with you,'” Gowdy finished.

Although Gowdy makes a good point that will hopefully be taken to heart by government officials, many Republicans will no doubt be disappointed if Durham’s investigation doesn’t yield any prosecutions.

It seems only fair now that officials like Attorney General William Barr have confirmed that there was malice and misconduct involved in the investigation of President Donald Trump and associates.

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